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Workers compensation lawyers san antonio

What is the role of a workers’ compensation lawyer in San Antonio?

Most evidently, a workers’ compensation lawyer in San Antonio can provide professional legal advice and help advocate for their clients. But the lawyer’s work actually stretches further than that and extends to holding negotiations, filing lawsuits whenever necessary, and handling appeals.

What do you need to know about the San Antonio workers’ compensation process?

In San Antonio, private companies/employers are not obligated to have insurance coverage for their employees. Thus, the first step would be to check if your employer provides coverage. If they do, have your San Antonio workers’ comp lawyer file a claim at the insurance company.

What criteria should be considered when choosing a San Antonio workers’ comp attorney?

The criteria to consider when choosing a San Antonio workers’ comp attorney includes eligibility, level of experience, understanding of your case, and whether or not they offer helpful advice and clear options during consultations.

What documents do I need to apply to a San Antonio workers’ comp lawyer?

The documents needed differ based on the insurance company the claim is being applied to. However, your lawyer will probably ask you to provide medical records, employment records, and other available documents pertaining to the injury or accident that took place, such as an incident report.

What are the benefits of contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer San Antonio?

Any workers’ compensation lawyer knows the ins and outs of the rules pertaining to such cases. Therefore, these lawyers may look over your case and advice you on the best next step to take in order to maximize your winnings. They may even present you with options you never knew you had. And when it comes to filing a claim, letting an attorney go over the claim ensures that it is flawless, in order to make sure you don’t miss anything that could cost you your ability to have a successful claim.


While this differs from one job to another, especially based on the classification of risk of the job, the average cost in the state is around thirty dollars a month. As for the compensation received after injury, it is generally up to 75% of the worker’s average pay.

The Texas Department of Insurance can be of help, or you may seek out your employer’s insurance company directly. Alternatively, you may contact a lawyer to handle your case or call the injured employee hotline for any inquiries.

No, the payment is usually done in increments.

In terms of amount, as of 2023, the maximum is a little over a thousand dollars a week. As for duration, the limit is at 401 weeks.

Although the answer varies based on the type of job and injury sustained, legally the cut-off is at 401 weeks.

Technically yes. However, the reason for firing the employee can’t be because of the worker’s comp that was filed. Firing an employee because they have filed a worker’s comp is illegal, but the employee may be fired for other reasons while on worker’s comp.