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Kerry S. Alleyne Simmons
Kerry S. Alleyne Simmons Bankruptcy, Immigration Law 15 years of experience +1 210 910 6328
Ronald Smeberg
Ronald Smeberg Bankruptcy, Business, Cannabis Law and Collections 20 years of experience (210) 695-6684
Joseph Lassen
Joseph Lassen Law Firm of Joseph Lassen 18911 Hardy Oak Blvd. Suite 239 San Antonio, TX 78258 Bankruptcy, Business, Criminal and Divorce 21 years of experience +12106256540
David Bernard Packard
David Bernard Packard 1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 100 San Antonio, TX 78213 Bankruptcy 28 years of experience +12108996142

best bankruptcy lawyers in San Antonio

Do I need an attorney?

The concept of filing for bankruptcy can be an intimidating, negative, and fearful event with an unknown outcome. In reality, however, it doesn’t always have to be so terrible or complicated. A San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer can work through the process hand-in-hand with their client and help them secure a better outcome.

These professionals study their clients’ cases diligently, present them with logical options and solutions, give them solid advice, perform the tasking process of gathering all the necessary paperwork while ensuring nothing is missed out, and eventually represent their clients in court as well as possible.

Statistics show that hiring an attorney drastically increases the individual’s chances of getting a positive outcome from filing for bankruptcy.
The process is delicate and so much is on the line, which means that the only responsible decision to take is to hire a professional who could protect your rights and offer you financial salvation.

What does it mean to be bankrupt and filing for bankruptcy?

The term simply means that the entity, whether it be a person or an organization, is in a financial state where they are unable to pay back the debts that they owe.

Filing for bankruptcy will help the person or organization in either removing some debts, or finding other, long-term solutions to pay off the debts. This legally protects the bankrupt entity and provides solutions for the creditors of the debts.

What does the process entail?

Firstly, the debtor is legally protected from creditors and their attempts at obtaining back their money. Secondly, the assets of the debtor are handled according to the solutions that are deemed fit for the case at hand. In other words, some assets may be handed over to creditors, some liquidated to pay back the debt, while other assets may be assigned a long-term plan that aims at paying back the debts. Some debt is also forgiven.

Court hearings are where final decisions and extra measures are taken.
The attorney will let you know what to expect and the possible outcomes you may face, they will do the negotiations and paperwork filing on your behalf, they will fight for you to emerge with the best possible outcome they will attempt to keep you from losing assets, they will represent you in court, and they will guide you throughout the whole thing.

Without a lawyer, your rights are not protected, you may leave out some important papers which can be costly, you may not be able to protect your assets, and you may end up in greater trouble than you had initially expected.

What are the consequences of filing for bankruptcy?

The consequences are that the process itself can be long and arduous, and even costly. The main issue, however, is the blow that the person’s credit score can get. This, amongst other limitations, results in greater difficulty obtaining loans in the near future.

Further, this can negatively affect the reputation of organizations.

The different routes you can take:

You have two routes you can take, and your lawyer will let you know which suits your case best.

The first is under the Chapter 7 title, and it entails that the entity’s assets are sold so that the money goes to cover the debts. Some debts are also erased.

The second route is under the Chapter 13 title, and it entails that the entity is given a plan to follow that includes using the money obtained from assets or income in a specific way that fully pays back the debt.

Choosing a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer

When choosing a professional to represent you, you have to ensure that you find someone who has the skill set to help you. A bankruptcy case is very serious, and it should only be handled by the most competent attorneys you can hire.

To skim through the bankruptcy lawyers in San Antonio Texas, check out online sources such as Justia and FindLaw. Yelp is also helpful to find honest customer reviews of the attorneys.

Reviews and ratings are essential criteria that you should look into when choosing an attorney. The reviews and ratings give you a more honest and thorough idea of what to expect from each professional, and they are far better than the hand-picked reviews you might find on the lawyers’ personal sites.

Expertise is another source that allows you to choose your criteria when searching, and the site has dedicated awards they give out based on the performances of lawyers, which could help you make your decision.

Alternatively, you can ask around for lawyer recommendations. And if you are already acquainted with and trust a lawyer who is not specialized in bankruptcy, you can ask them to recommend someone they know who is.
When making your decision, other than the reviews and the ratings, make sure to look into the experience that the lawyer has under their belt, as well as their success rates. This way, you can make sure you hire a real professional you can trust.

Recommended bankruptcy lawyers in San Antonio Texas:

Cynthia Zuniga has been excelling at her job for nearly 35 years. She is specialized in bankruptcy cases and even won an award for being the best in her field in 2023 according to Expertise.

Dorothy Butler is rated as a Super Lawyer and has been awarded the Top Lawyer award several times. With thousands of bankruptcy cases already handled, there is no wonder she has accumulated so many awards.
Kerry Alleyne is yet another trusted professional with many years of experience and successful cases in her portfolio. She was in the top 2% of her class, and she hasn’t stopped excelling since!

Do the right thing and hire a lawyer!

All-in-all, you are now well aware of the general process involved in filing for bankruptcy, the complexity and seriousness of the issue, and the consequences involved. It is now apparent that hiring a lawyer is crucial to protect your rights, your assets, your finances, and your future! For the right thing now and hire a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer to take over for you.


Filing the form costs from $313 to $338. Other expenses are usually involved.

$1000 – $1500

You should multiply how much the bankruptcy will cost by the expected probability that you will go bankrupt.

It states that the debtor will sell their assets to be able to pay back their debts.

You should expect to lose some of your assets.

Luxury items, second homes, vehicles, real estate, valuables, and more, depending on the case.

The answer is subjective to the case at hand, but it is disliked due to the expected loss of assets and drop in credit score.

It drops your credit score and makes you lose some assets. The credit score drop will limit your ability to rent or buy properties and vehicles, take out loans, and get certain jobs.

Your lawyer will handle your case, file the paperwork, and take it to court, and you may lose some assets. You may also get exempted from paying certain debts. But do expect your credit score to drop as a result.