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What to do after a truck accident in San Antonio?

After a truck accident, evaluate your need for medical attention or to get to safety. If your injuries require urgent care, calling an ambulance should be a top priority. If the injuries do not require urgent care, it is best to photograph the scene and the damages, collect the contact information of the other party involved in the situation, and call law enforcement. Either way, getting one of the many truck injury attorneys to handle your case is of utmost importance.


When an attorney handles your case, they are able to properly collect the necessary information, give you an idea of what you can gain from the situation, handle insurance cases, negotiate the best deals for you, try to offer you ways of dealing with medical bills, and more. No matter your situation in a truck accident, Texas truck accident lawyers can be of help to you.

A truck accident attorney in Texas may make use of an expert’s opinion, witnesses, medical records if any, footage of the scene, and maintenance records of the truck, when representing you legally.

There are many, and here are a couple of them:
The Hernandez Law Office was awarded the award of the Best Truck Accident Lawyers in San Antonio by Expertise. So, needless to say, the lawyers of this company can always be counted on. They know the ins and outs of how to deal with and ultimately win such cases, and they conveniently offer Spanish-speaking lawyers to clients who request them.
The Khattar Law Firm specializes in injuries related to vehicle accidents, particularly truck-related accidents. The lawyers at the firm complete their own personal and thorough investigation, and they even help you figure out ways to cover medical bills and lost wages. This firm has been in business for over thirty years, and its lawyers never lack the necessary experience needed.

While a large truck may be arbitrarily defined as a vehicle that is significantly larger than an average passenger vehicle, some sources define it as weighing 10,000 pounds and above.

Just like regular vehicles, large trucks can get into accidents because of poor driving skills of drivers, bad weather, and speeding. However, other factors that greatly contribute to accidents that specifically involve large trucks include improper handling of the cargo on board and poor or late maintenance of the large truck.

Usually, special features that enter the equation in legal cases involving large truck accidents include referring back to the truck company, the maintenance records, the working schedules, the type of cargo, and the black box, if available.

What makes an 18-wheeler different from a straight truck is that an 18-wheeler is composed of two, detachable sides. The main side is the front part, the tractor, which is where the engine is. The second part, the trailer, attaches and detaches from the tractor. A straight truck, on the other hand, has its tractor and trailer permanently attached together.

Commercial trucking regulations must be checked, and the 18-wheeler involved in the accident should be evaluated to check whether or not it is in compliance with all of the rules, such as the weight limit of the load, the qualifications of the driver, the hours of driving the truck has registered, and so on.