Real Estate lawyers in San Antonio

Ronald Smeberg
Ronald Smeberg Bankruptcy, Business, Cannabis Law and Collections 20 years of experience (210) 695-6684
Alan Dean Tysinger
Alan Dean Tysinger Law Office of Alan Tysinger 110 Broadway Suite 190 San Antonio, TX 78205 Workers' Comp, Estate Planning, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability 24 years of experience (210) 446-0713
Joseph Lassen
Joseph Lassen Law Firm of Joseph Lassen 18911 Hardy Oak Blvd. Suite 239 San Antonio, TX 78258 Bankruptcy, Business, Criminal and Divorce 21 years of experience +12106256540
Russell Aldrich
Russell Aldrich 8700 Crownhill Blvd. Suite 200 San Antonio, TX 78209 Probate, Estate Planning, Elder Law 11 years of experience +12105498087

Best Real Estate lawyers in San Antonio

Navigating the real estate market can be a difficult task for everyone involved, which is why realtors, lawyers, buyers, and sellers should all come together to get the job done smoothly and perfectly.
When someone intends to put a property up for sale, they may be surprised to find that it takes a lot more work than expected. They may then be rightfully overwhelmed with the legal steps and actions, along with the burden of finding buyers. They may fear unintentionally breaking rules or messing up the contracts and negotiations. These are all very valid concerns and even common mistakes. For these reasons and more, the ideal scenario is getting a real estate attorney in San Antonio Texas alongside a licensed broker.
The mission is arduous, but they are able to get you through it to make it as pleasant and as perfect as possible.

Why you need a real estate lawyer San Antonio

These attorneys can aid you in getting permits and mortgages, give legal advice, inform you of the law and legality of any future development or construction project you might have in mind, handle any disputes over property ownership, they deal with contracts, help you apply for permits, and they can engage in the buying and selling procedure.


The key skills that any experienced attorney in the field should have include an in-depth legal knowledge, bargaining skills, an understanding of the market and current events, professionalism and integrity, writing skills including contract-writing skills, experience dealing with clients in the San Antonio area, problem-solving skills that extend to having the ability to solve disputes, and attention to detail.

In terms of legality, it is not a requirement.

These lawyers are able to check the paperwork and ownership, write and check contracts, give helpful legal pointers, make sure that a property is in regulation with all the rules, handle legal issues that may arise when selling and buying, and ensure that construction work is within legal boundaries.

Their salaries vary from $70k to $180k. The differences are in the type of projects they take on, the number of clients they have, the services they provide, and their years of experience in the field.

While the answer is technically yes, they would be walking on a fine line. Lawyers are not legally allowed to take commissions from sales just for performing their legal roles. However, if they take part in the selling process, they can then legally receive a commission. Note that, as a rule, the interest of the client should remain a priority.

Yes, this is legally allowed in Texas. But there are restrictions and rules to abide by in this case.

The legal consequences for such an act are being charged with a misdemeanor and being fined. The extent of the charges and the fines vary based on the actions that the perpetrator engaged in. Usually, however, the fine can reach $5k.

It definitely isn’t easy. The individual needs to receive documented education (180 hours’ worth of relevant education), pass an exam, obtain a sponsor (a licensed agent willing to sponsor you), pass the background check, fill out the application, and pay the necessary fees. Although that doesn’t sound like a straightforward path, it is definitely doable!

Yes, this is legally permissible, but it is certainly not simple.

No, you must prove that you have taken relevant classes beforehand.

Applicants have the freedom to retake the test multiple times according to their preference. Nonetheless, if they fail the exam three consecutive times, supplementary classes will be a must before regaining eligibility to attempt the test again.

The duration of time varies greatly amongst people. It all boils down to how long it takes to complete the necessary education, the number of times they will take the exam, how long the background check will take, whether or not they will encounter obstacles, how fast or how slow they can get a sponsor, when they will apply for the license, and so on. It may take some people half a year or even less, and it may take others nearly two years.

The total amount that it can end up costing you is between $500 and $1.5k. The test costs a little less than $50, the application costs around $200, and classes could cost $150. Various additional expenses may arise along the way, and the ultimate cost will vary based on the number of exam attempts and the accumulation of other supplementary charges.

No, but you need to have a legal work permit allowing you to work in the US.

Yes! The market in the state has been attracting buyers from across the country with excellent prices and superb quality.

It surely is. The market in Texas is currently booming, and there is no better time to become a realtor. The market in Texas is doing remarkably compared to others, and this chance should be seized!