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Malpractice lawyer

Here is when you might need a San Antonio malpractice lawyer!

The city is booming with some of the country’s best doctors and healthcare professionals and facilities. And every year, many of those who pay these doctors and facilities a visit will end up filing a lawsuit for the damages they have to deal with because of the inadequate standard of care that they have received.

These lawyers will pursue justice for their clients and represent them in court. These professionals always prioritize their clients’ success, and you can trust them to guide you to a win.


If a patient has been badly treated at a healthcare facility or a doctor’s office, then they are entitled to a file such a lawsuit. The mistreatment can be in many forms, such as a misdiagnosis, negligence, an error of any kind, abuse, and a birth defect, just to name a few. The aforementioned examples are perhaps some of the most popular.
The legal implications that you can expect from winning such a lawsuit include financial compensation for the damages. The healthcare practitioner at fault may lose their license, or they may be subject to other types of punishment for their crimes.

Those who are specialized in malpractice cases can do an excellent job of proving your claims, collecting relevant evidence, understanding your medical history, getting the right experts to explain and corroborate the claims, and negotiating and representing you in court.
Without their expertise, it will be extremely difficult to prove your case and navigate the legal system to succeed. Even if you are absolutely in the right here, the defendant may still win if they have hired a lawyer and you haven’t.

If you know anyone who has won a malpractice lawsuit, get them to give you their lawyer’s number so you could win your case as well! You could also head over to online resources to skim through the options available to you. Some sources include FindLaw, Expertise, and Justia.
When deciding on who to hire, make sure that your candidates are board certified in the state, are particularly specialized in malpractice lawsuits, have extensive experience in the field, and have an excellent track record. If you want to be super thorough, it is recommended that you also go through the reviews that customers have left them.
Doing these is your one-way ticket to hiring a skilled professional to help you win!

Tapas Agarwal has so far been able to recover millions of dollars for his clients. His team includes a doctor who offers his professional advice on all matters and even helps explain medical cases to lawyers and clients in the office. He is also conveniently trilingual!

Sean Lyons has won the Super Lawyers award for a staggering seven years in a row! His nearly thirty year-experience is impressive and so is his track record.
Beth Janicek has also recovered millions of dollars for her clients over the past thirty years! Her firm also offers home and hospital visits for consultations for your utmost comfort.

Go local!
This may be obvious to some, but it is worth noting anyhow. When hiring an attorney, it is recommended that they are experienced in cases similar to yours.

The reason this is so crucial is because it indicates that they are more knowledgeable of the healthcare facilities in the area, more acquainted with the medical professionals, more familiar with the local laws, and perhaps even represented someone battling the same individual or organization as you. All of these result in a better ability to make strong arguments in your favor.

The process is simple when the bulk of the taxing work is handled by a lawyer.

The stages are as follows: hire a lawyer who is competent enough to handle the case, let them study your case and offer you your available options, decide on a plan to take together, let the attorney gather the evidence and consult experts, and then file the lawsuit.

The case might then be taken to court where the evidence and experts may come in handy. The attorney will then handle the negotiations over appropriate compensation and settlement options. These involve taking many aspects into consideration, such as lost wages and emotional trauma.
You can rest assured that the lawyer will tirelessly advocate for fair compensation for you!

Seek a lawyer and seek justice!

The process may seem simple enough, but this is only the case when a lawyer handles the majority of the work behind the scenes. Getting experts, gathering evidence, having a deep understanding of the medical case at hand, and achieving fair compensation are not simple tasks!

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged from pursuing justice if you have been one of the unfortunate ones to be mistreated.

Don’t let the mistreatment slide, claim your right with the help of a lawyer today!

The limit is $750k.


Currently, it is around $200k.