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DWI lawyers san antonio

Thousands of DWI arrests occur annually in large cities like San Antonio. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of facing such a charge, the following are some questions you could be going through your mind. Go over this thorough Q&A section to arm yourself with all of the information you need at this critical time:


As we all know, DWI attorneys in San Antonio Texas charge different rates depending on their qualifications, and level of expertise. Another thing to consider is that some lawyers charge their customers a pre-determined sum for handling the case. Meanwhile, others charge based on the number of hours they work. You should expect the cost to be somewhere between $5k and $20k if you are paying a set sum. For the hourly payment, it can be from $150 to $450. If you’re looking for the best DWI lawyers in San Antonio, you might pay more than that.

Firstly, get yourself DUI lawyers in San Antonio. The professional will look over the details and present you with options that are in your favor. These options may include claiming that the test was flawed, finding officer errors in your arrest, and more. This is the ideal way to go to win.

It will cost you $2k. Other charges can also include temporarily taking away your license and even spending a few days to a few months in jail. These added charges might have to do with the level of intoxication that was detected, amongst other things. But remember, with a skilled lawyer by your side, you can try to get away with minimum punishment, so it is always worth a shot.

Take the issue seriously and hire Driving While Intoxicated Lawyers in San Antonio. The professional will study the issue at hand, gather all the necessary information, and decide on the ideal next step. In general, act promptly and critically, and prepare yourself for the battle and the expenses that come with it.

Yes, it can. The DWI attorneys in San Antonio Texas can make that happen. Under certain circumstances, such as wrongful arrest, a dismissal becomes a strong possibility.

Yes. You might either get a reduced term, or avoid going to jail altogether. The reduced term is set to a minimum of three to six days. Whether you get three or six days is dependent on several factors, like whether or not opened bottles of alcohol were discovered in the vehicle. If you are hoping to not go to jail, you should expect alternative charges, such as fines and having the license temporarily taken away.

Unfortunately, such a charge can’t be eliminated at all. It is also difficult to clear or expunge a record with such a charge, but it is still possible.

For the initial offense, expect fines, a temporary suspension of license, and imprisonment. The fines can reach around $2k, the license can be taken away for generally a year or slightly less, and the imprisonment ranges from a few days to half a year. Further, the convicted person may be obligated to receive mandatory educational classes on the topic in designated programs that can last up to a year. Also, probation may apply.

In this case, it depends on the case at hand and other supporting factors, but the usual duration spans from half a year to a couple of years.