Child custody lawyer in San Antonio

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Child custody lawyer san antonio

Custody battles generally involve guardians of a child or children, when they need legal help to reach agreements on how to go about with custody and visitation schedules. One or both of the guardians may also be aiming to get full custody of the child or children in question.

These battles are complex because there are many different types of custody cases, different methods and routes to take for resolving the issues, extensive evaluations of the parties involved, and so much more.

The battles may not always take the course of action that you expect them to take, so it is vital that you are armed with a skilled lawyer who will fight fiercely for your cause.

What do custody lawyers in San Antonio do?

As it was mentioned earlier, there are different types of custody cases. A thorough consultation with a lawyer should help you understand the main points, your options, and what you need to do moving forward.

A custody attorney in San Antonio handles the case and fights for your rights and those of the child or children.

Amongst the many things an attorney does behind the scenes working on your case, they collect evidence, come up with strong claims and arguments, negotiate and take charge of resolutions, and advise you on how to undergo any evaluation you will be subjected to, such as a psychiatric one.

They are well-versed in the law, but you need to choose an experienced professional to help you win.

What to keep in mind when looking into getting a child custody lawyer in San Antonio TX:

Other than experience, you have to check out success rates and client reviews when looking for a lawyer for child support and custody.
It is of paramount importance that you choose someone reliable and compassionate to your case. These cases are life-changing, and they are already mentally taxing and challenging to go through. With so much on the line, having a strong and brilliant lawyer by your side is absolutely essential.

Luckily for you, the family lawyers in San Antonio are experts, and they have got your back!


The average charge you can expect is from $2.5k to $25k. Lawyers

This depends on several aspects, such as how much you will be paying the lawyer, and how complex the issue at hand is. The average varies widely from $3k to $40k.

You are not obligated to have one, but it would greatly reduce your chances of succeeding in the case. Thus, having one is important but not obligatory.

While this is dependent on the case, it is generally known that the guardians involved in the dispute should pay for their own lawyers. In some cases, and depending on aspects like financial abilities, one guardian may attempt to get compensation for the lawyer they have hired.

Yes, it can happen.

This goes to the parent who is better able to prove that they have the best interest of the child in mind. Other aspects that are considered include who is better able to provide financially for the child, and the choice of the child if they are thirteen years and above.

Yes, it is. The guardian who is interested in obtaining total custody of the child or children must provide solid claims and proof for their claims. A lawyer can give you a rough estimate of your chances of obtaining it.

A mother must have a history of inflicting abuse on the child or children, she must be guilty of neglect, engages in activity that risks the child’s life, or she may be deemed unfit to care for the child because of mental or physical health reasons, amongst other things. Any one of these points may be enough to cause the mom to lose custody, but it still depends on the overall case.

No, it is not. Moms are not automatically favored.